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  • PR and press office, national and international
  • Assistance to individual journalists and organisation of press trips
  • Placement of publications in selected general and trade magazines
  • www.caballadas.com


Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung (D) 06/2018

Und der Ostwind kommt vom Gletscher

abenteuer und reisen (D) 06/2018

Reiten in Cinemascope

Elit Magazin (I) 12/2017

La Patagonia a cavallo

HAYO Online Magazine (CA) 10/2017

If you’re a lover of horses and the great outdoors, you definitely need to stay at Caballadas in Northern Patagonia

NetJets Issue (International) 06/2017

Back to nature

Kurier (AT) 04/2017

Hoch zu Ross in Patagonien

repubblica.it (I) 02/2017

A cavallo nella Patagonia più selvaggia

L'UOMO VOGUE (I) 02/2017

Caballadas: diario di una delle piú esclusive esperienze in sella nel Parco Nazionale Lanín

The Week (UK) 02/2017

Riding in Patagonia