We analyse situations, develop and manage projects, establish contacts, write copy, organise and coordinate activities, provide services and speak for our clients: long-term success requires continuous attention to detail

We offer:
  •  exclusive press notices
  •  transmission of press notices to relevant quality press distributors
  •  press kits and newsletters that really tell the story
  •  organisation of information trips for individual journalists and groups
  •  organisation of press conferences
  •  regular visits to editorial offices and personal talks with journalists
  •  media observation, both national and international
  •  clipping service, graphic design of press reports, on-line transmission to our clients
  •  presentation of annual press reviews to our clients
  •  advertising and media planning
  •  organisation of group or individual interviews
  •  organisation and management of photo shootings for printed media and TV
  •  preparation, organisation and on-site hosting of press events
  •  customer service at fairs: contacts with media representatives
  •  annual quantitative and qualitative analysis of media coverage
  •  feedback